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Declaration of Impartiality

In carrying out product certification work, IGSC staff understand the importance of impartiality in accordance with the requirements of product certification authorities and manage conflicts of interest. We always value policies and principles related to impartiality in certification activities and declare policies on ensuring impartiality to increase the trust of certification work as follows:

  • All personnel involved in certification activities shall perform their duties fairly.

  • All internal and external risks to the impartiality of the certification body are continuously identified and measures are taken to eliminate or minimize the risk.

  • Departments that perform product certifications, related departments, and internal and external organizations entrusting product certifications shall not perform any of the following tasks:

    - Designer, manufacturer, installer, distributor, or manager of the certification product
    - Designer, operator, administrator, or manager of the certification service
    - Designer, operator, provider, or manager of certification process
    - Provide consultation to the client
    - Provide management system advice or internal audit to clients
  • Ensure that the external organization that conducts the outsourced certification works for the product does not damage the fairness of the certification activities.

  • In case where the external organization that conducts the outsourced certification works provides or manufactures the certified/certifying product or proposes or provides consultation for the product,
    IGSC staff shall not participate in their activities. Also, any staff of the external organization shall not participate in the product certification process.

  • Do not perform marketing or proposals for the client in connect with the activities of a certain organization that provides consultation.

  • Ensure the fairness of the certification activities and remove commercial, financial, or other pressure that harms the impartiality.