About Us

About IGSC


Welcome to the official website of Institute of Global Sustainability Certification!

Based on our vision, “Sustainable world with Sustainability certification,” IGSC provides International and professional certification services with the cooperation of various certification institutions worldwide. Through our certification services, we aim to help companies to enhance their global competitiveness and sustainable growths.

“We achieve corporate social responsibility through sustainable business.” With this goal, we strive not only to create economic values but also to consider environment and preserve potential of future generations with our social responsibilities. We want to integrate communities, develop local economies, and contribute to society to become a sustainable world.

Create a sustainable world with sustainable certification.

  • Increase global competitiveness by solving the difficulties of domestic export companies
  • Cooperate with diverse
    certification institutions to provide global and professional services.
  • Support domestic/overseas
    companies to produce and sell sustainable products
  • Spread the sustainable products to increase their diversity in the world.
  • Achieve corporate social responsibility with sustainable business